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Corporate donations can make a difference

As avid off-roaders, we are always concerned about how to effectively fight for “OUR” public lands. Many of us donate hundreds of hours and dollars to these efforts to different organizations. Some of us even join in the fight by becoming board members on different boards to help give direction to these organizations.

We are always looking for the corporate dollars to help in these fights, and most of these corporate dollars are hard to find. Many of our members work for corporate giants though, and I am one of those that am lucky enough to work for a billion dollar company — Chevron Corporation to be exact. With that, Chevron has a program called Human Kind that gives the employees the ability to donate time to an organization and Chevron will give grants of $500 per 20 hours donated. To date, I have donated over 120 hours and Chevron has given over $3,000 to BlueRibbon Coalition for my donated hours. The Cal4Wheel Conservation and Education Foundation has received over $1,500 in grants and matching pay check donations. You may say that Chevron is a billion dollar company, and they should do this. They do it because they know that their employees enjoy helping non-profits or 501(c)3’s perform their work.

Along with this program is their Humankind program that matches cash donations that employees make to 501(c)3’s. Chevron has matched the cash donations and paycheck donations that I have given to the Cal4Wheel Foundation to the tune of over $600 a year. Now that is not much, but we also donate to other land use and access organizations, and Chevron has matched dollars and time for them also.

Chevron is a giving company, and think of that as you go looking for gas. If you work for a large corporation, please take a little time to see if they have a program like this that will donate money for your time, and match your cash donations to 501(c)3’s. Every little bit helps in the fight to keep “OUR” trails and public lands open for “OUR” enjoyment and our kid’s future use.

All organizations need our help to keep the fight on for access, as the anti-recreational groups are very well funded and have large bank accounts to fund their fights to close or restrict our OHV access!

Todd is a Cal4Wheel Life Member and the president of the BlueRibbon Coalition. Read more about Chevron's donations here: http://www.chevron.com/chevron/pressreleases/article/03042008_chevronunveilsnewemployeegivingandvolunteerprogram.news


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Jun 11
Jun 12
CA4WDA Board of Directors Meeting
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM 8120 36th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824, USA
Jun 17
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Hi Landers Poker Run
Eldorado National Forest, California 95726, USA

CA4WDA Board of Directors Meeting

11 JunJun
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

8120 36th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824, USA

We will be meeting via Zoom and in person. All active members and delegates are encouraged to attend. For Zoom meeting information, please contact the webmaster at webmaster@cal4wheel.com
Questions? Contact Bonnie at (916) 381-8300.

Hi Landers Poker Run

17 JunJun

Eldorado National Forest, California 95726, USA

The Hi-Landers 4WDC will Celebratetheir 50th Poker Run on the Rubicon Trail! This year after the run, treatyourself to a special dinner including choice of a lobster tail, enter theraffle to win some great prizes, and enjoy music and dancing entertainment fromour talented DJ. Sunday morning wake up to a pancake breakfast. See youthere!  For more information, go to our club website at Hi-Landers Poker Run Home Page

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