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Three of four bylaw proposals approved

Delegates voted on four bylaw proposals at the 2019 convention

Here are the results of the four bylaw proposals that were considered by the delegates at the annual Convention.

Proposal #1 - Dues increase - Approved

This proposal increased the dues from $45 to $50 per year, effective immediately. As a result, life member dues increased to $750, or $62.50 monthly. Members who are currently making payments on their life memberships will continue to pay the previous amount. The dues were last increased in 2005.

Proposal #2 - Club dues prorating & procedures - Approved

This proposal eliminated the need to prorate club dues, with all members expiring on their anniversary dates rather than June 30. New club members can be submitted throughout the year. Clubs will need to have at least four paid members each July 1 in order to remain as Cal4Wheel sanctioned clubs. Clubs can continue to pay for their members' dues if desired.

Proposal #3 - Election cycles - Approved

The purpose of this proposal was to have the election of president switched with the treasurer so that the election for president would not be in the same year as the elections for the district VPs. This would allow better continuity as board members come onboard or change positions.

Proposal #4 - Individual/Life Member delegates - Failed

The intent of this proposal was to increase the number of Individual/Life Member delegates from one delegate per district to one delegate for every 200 individual or life members within each district.


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