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Major changes to club dues collection process

One of the bylaw changes that passed during this year’s Convention involved a change in the way that we collect dues from the clubs. Since the association’s inception, clubs have paid the association directly for each of their members. Beginning each April, the office staff printed rosters, billings and forms and mailed them to each club. Then the clubs were expected to collect the dues from their members and ensure that the forms and payments were received by the office no later than June so that the club could remain in good standing for the year. All club members expired on June 30, and new club members who joined during the year were required to have their dues prorated so that they would also expire on June 30.

This process required massive amounts of hours on the part of both the office staff and the club volunteers, not to mention the wasted paper and time-consuming dues collection at the club level, along with being prone to errors and missed deadlines. Since approximately half of our members belong to clubs, this meant that half of our annual memberships had to be processed in just one month.

After 60 years, we proposed a change that will hopefully alleviate many of these concerns. Starting now, here is what we are going to do:

  • Club members will be reminded by email at least three months in advance that their dues are expiring. Dues can be paid online through their member portal or paid by the club as per each club’s policies. If the member does not have an email address, we will mail them a notice that allows them to mail back their payment directly to us.
  • Membership materials will be mailed directly to each club member instead of being mailed to the club.
  • New club members can be added at any time during the year at the full dues amount and their expiration date will be on their one-year anniversary (no more pro-rating).
  • Each club has at least one ‘administrator’ assigned. The administrator can log in to the portal and see a list of their club members and their members’ expiration dates. Dues can be paid directly by the club through the portal for each member using a credit/debit card or PayPal, or a check can be mailed to the office.
  • Rosters and expiration reports can be printed at any time from the portal by the club administrators.
  • On July 1 each year we will review the active clubs to ensure that each club has at least four active and paid association members in their club, including life members and associate members. Each club is still expected to pay dues to Cal4Wheel for 100% of their club’s members per the Cal4Wheel bylaws in order to remain as a Cal4Wheel-sanctioned club.

If you would still like to do things the way you always have for your club by printing out a club roster and paying the dues by check on behalf of your members, you are welcome to do that.

We know that this is a major change and that many of you probably have questions and concerns. Please know that we are open to suggestions and are available to help you. In addition, I will be happy to set up online training sessions for club admins if there is interest.

I can be reached at (866) 806-0110 or at webmaster@cal4wheel.com if you need help.


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