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Help man our booth at Hammertown!

King of the Hammers is January 30 through February 6
Are you going?

King of the Hammers (KOH) is one of the largest, most exciting races held in Southern California; thousands of people attend this awesome event annually. Cal4Wheel wants to be a part of it but WE NEED YOUR HELP !!

Raceline Wheels, a corporate sponsor of Cal4Wheel, has been gracious enough to let us double up under their canopy. Showing them our gratitude by supporting them at this huge event is just a tiny way of saying thank you for all they do and the Jeep is the perfect way to lure the people in. Once they are within our grasp we can push the sale of Win-A-Jeep tickets. This is a win-win situation and what an opportunity Raceline Wheels has given Cal4Wheel to bring in much needed income. We cannot do this without the help of YOU. We need volunteers to man our table, show off the Jeep, and help promote our corporate sponsor. Sparing a day (or more) or a few hours would make it possible to achieve our goal at this event.

We look forward to knowing you are willing to give up a small portion of your time to help your association in this difficult time and hearing you say, “I would like to volunteer my time at the KOH booth."

PLEASE, short of begging you while on my knees for your help, contact Kitten Chapman or Davey Rocha II and we will be happy to discuss the details further with you.


Davey Rocha II
(559) 349-0385

Kitten Chapman
209-662-2308 or 209-274-4508

For more information about King of the Hammers, visit this link


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