Letter highlights need for Convention participation

I just returned from the Cal4Wheel Convention in Visalia.

I must say what a great job Amy Cave and her crew did with all the bad weather threats and the usual catastrophes!!! Thank God Mother Nature decided to have the rain cease Friday night.

Now Amy can have the car show and the vendors can set up in the parking lot. She was wondering where she was going to get all the umbrellas/EZ-ups to keep the rigs dry out in the rain.

The dinner was really good!! And it went really well. I believe they served over 200 for dinner with a choice of beef, chicken or fish. I didn't hear anyone say their dinner wasn't good. And I was able to sit with Bonnie Ferguson, South District Secretary, another of the hard working members of the association, along with John Stewart, Natural Resources Consultant,and Sherry Stortroen and her husband Ole.

As you may already know, we didn't have too much business to vote on this year.

Steve Egbert was re-elected president of the association. Congratulations Steve. Seems you have all your ducks (hogs) in a row and the association is doing well. Now all you need is a Jeep with round headlights!!! Keep up the good work and efforts.

WE had only 41 delegates show for the Sat. General Assembly out of 120 clubs in the state. Not very good, clubs. Maybe the weather could be factored in here... but I think this is about the normal amount of clubs to send delegates.

I didn't hear how the In-House raffle went... but they seemed to have a good selection of prizes.

I will quit making small talk here. What I am trying to say is... How about a dress code for the Banquet/Dinner??? We are down to ten or so men showing up with coat and tie. And not many more women wore dresses or skirts. I know I am old, and tradition is a strong part of my life. But come on folks – let's get dressed up and show off how well you can clean up!!

And why don't more members of the clubs come to convention? That is something I have tried to figure out for some time. It isn't just seminars and dull reports from land use officials. There are a lot of vendors and other four-wheelers to meet and get ideas from. Maybe think of it as a Valentine's event?? No kids and able to be with friends and four-wheelin' folks that we all have something in common? Four-wheel drive and nature.

When my generation is gone....what is the association going to do to survive?? A lot of the leaders of Cal4Wheel are getting tired and old. There are less than 20% of the members who actually do the work to keep the association alive and well. Just think how much easier it would be to have more members involved and spread the load of success in the Cal4Wheel association. Oldest and largest in the U.S.A.

On a lighter note. It was sure great to see all the clubs donating hard-earned money to the association that they had raised during the year.

I am sure most of you know Denny Londo from Tierra Del Sol. He has been a member and delegate longer than most for sure. He got up and told the folks how the "Green Cricket" was the cause for the Ocotillo Wells closing the lands for the the TDS annual event in March. Of course he meant the flat tailed lizard (horny toad) and I mean no disrespect for Denny. I consider myself one of his friends but I just had to mention that at 90+ yrs old he is still getting up and supporting the off-road family and is loved by all who know him.

I will say thanks for your consideration and hope to see you on the trail.

Mike is a member of the Hemet Jeep Club in the South District.

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