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Hemet Jeep Club goes for a ladies' run

The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and we had eight brave women willing to follow me into who-knows-what-we-would-find on Saturday, April 8. Although this was a “women’s run,” we graciously allowed men to trek with us. We staged at the corner of Florida and Fairview and, after a brief drivers’ meeting, headed south: Anza or bust! We made it to Anza and didn’t bust; always a good sign. A shout-out to the Dairy Queen for opening early to those of us seeking restroom and ice cream — not necessarily in that order. Donna DeVore and Cari DeVore willingly traded off as TEC (Tail End Charlee-n)! Great job, by the way!


We were fortunate to find the desert in its bloomin’ awesomeness — wildflowers galore! Once inside the park, we found the trail easily passable and even picked up a couple of photographers in trucks along the way; guess it was easier to join us than to get around us.

When we arrived at the cabin, we were not the only ones there; someone else called dibs on it first. Since the temporary occupants were away, we broke for lunch at the picnic tables. For those novice visitors to the cabin, Mike Ledbetter made sure a proper tour of the facilities was given: Outhouse With Door and Outhouse Sans Door both were on the tour. Mike referred to the latter as “alfresco” seating!

With lunch behind us, we hiked to the First [European] Child Monument just about three-quarters of a mile from the cabin. Of course, it felt like miles to those of us who seldom hike in a desert streambed. It was amazing to see how much soil erosion had occurred over the years. A decade or two ago, I remember traveling past the monument and it was eye level to the Jeep’s front windows. Now it stands several feet higher than ground level.  Good old Mother Nature has to have her way!

Once back at the cabin that afternoon, a little over half of the group headed back up Coyote Canyon and back home; the rest of us set up camp for a night under the stars. Twas a wee bit chilly at night, but nothing that a good campfire and ear coverings didn’t solve. The Weishaars rolled up later that evening and joined us by the fire. Bacon-wrapped, fire-scorched hot dogs were on Mike and my menu; Hugh Daniels dazzled us with his marshmallows-on-a-stick skills, and I mean on a REAL stick; Hana Daniels’ scrumptious snickerdoodles came out; and Mike Ledbetter’s famous Dutch oven peach cobbler topped off the evening! Psst...I even had some peach cobbler for breakfast!

The air was moving a little fast for most of the day and night, but Sunday morning greeted us with clear and calm skies. We collected ourselves for the ride home and, once I finally made the correct turns, we were able to splash in the babbling brook at Owl Hollow in Alder Canyon. I think everyone had a good time; I know I did. Thank you to all who joined in and sent pictures. Let’s do it again!


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    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM 8120 36th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824, USA
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CA4WDA North District Meeting

06 Jan
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
8120 36th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824, USA

All members and club delegates are welcome and encouraged to attend via Zoom and at the Sacramento office. Contact Chris Silveira at for meeting info.

Winter Fun Festival

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WINTER FUN FESTIVAL, Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, CA. Runs for all vehicles and drivers, games, meals and more. Check for info.