Letter to the editor: Adventure Trails program

I would like to respond to the 5/12/18 letter to the editor regarding the Adventure Trails Program. I don’t own a dirt bike or ATV so I don’t personally benefit from Adventure Trails, but I am an advocate for access to public lands.

The writer pointed out some misdeeds by OHV users and therefore indicated the Adventure Trails Program was a cause. Unfortunately, the OHV user group does not have a monopoly on misdeeds. Hikers have also “crushed brush”, created “adventure trails”, camped in sensitive areas, cut switchbacks, improperly disposed of trash and human waste, created improper fire rings etc., etc. This does not mean that we should close the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Fire pit trash

Trash found in fire pit. Click for larger image.

As we wheel and do volunteer work for the Forest Service, we come across a common find: Trash. In the picture, these items were picked up from around a fire pit at an organized FS camp area. Interestingly enough, these are items found at many different campsites along our California landscape.

The cigarette butts were a shock to me. Not because there was one outside of the fire ring, but because there were 4 separate piles of 8+, in each pile, outside the ring. Whoever camped at this spot must have had an intense weekend!

red bluff

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