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Reader appalled by August 2020 In Gear

I just read my In Gear magazine and I am appalled about Mike McGarity's report. I am particularly outraged about his personal attack on Bonny by name. I was also struck by Mike's failure to acknowledge the work Ryan, the central district's former membership chair, in his too long article.

Bonnie [Steele], I am so sorry you were personally attacked in Mike's article. You have worked too hard, for too long to be attacked in this way. Thank you for your commitment.

I have been a delegate for a couple of years now. I was gravely concerned about several issues discussed at this year's convention. Over the past year our organization has had to deal with financial improprieties requiring an audit (that should be done on a routine basis) and inappropriate actions by some board members at SEMA. I am glad to see Jack Chapman and the new board deal with these issues openly and their a commitment to make improvements. The past year was also marred by failure to deal with contract employee legislation in a timely manner and failure to maintain our state's tax-exempt status. I appreciate the transparency in which these issues are now being addressed.

On a separate issue. I had the opportunity to attend both the virtual meetings of the northern and central districts. I was glad to see good participation in both meetings. As expected, the northern meeting was shorter than the central meeting. Other than the north's ability to get through business more quickly I noted that the proposed bylaws changes were not addressed in central's meeting. Was that intentional or an oversight? I did note that there were two proposed bylaw changes that appeared to be targeted at individuals.

My first proposed bylaw concern is that no two family members can be on the board at the same time. That appears to be targeted directly at Jack and Kitten [Chapman]. My second concern is changing the secretary from appointed to elected. That appears to target Sherry [Stortroen]. What I found concerning is these three individuals are people who have stood up for transparency, about cleaning up past problems and following the bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures.

Now more than ever, Cal4Wheel members need to work together without personal insults in our magazine and bylaw changes targeting individuals. We need accountability and we need to avoid pointing fingers and grandstanding. If we cannot work together we will never be successful in reaching our goals of maintaining access to trails and protecting and promoting four-wheeling for future generations.

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