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A gentle reminder from Grandma Shirley

I think most of you will agree that 2020 has been a strange, baffling, and confusing year. Our daily lives and livelihoods have been drastically disrupted. But let’s not let that dominate us. We are a strong, sturdy, and resilient people. Let’s pull together, not apart.

Cal4 is an extended family and every family has its differences. We need to accept the differences we have and put them all to good use… like volunteering.

Cal4 runs with volunteers statewide. Fortunately, we have a very dedicated and loyal staff in the office so the rest of us can step up whenever and wherever we can. As volunteers, we sometimes need reminders on the guidelines set up by the association.

In Gear

The In Gear is our publication for informing our membership of status on land use, calls to action, upcoming events, club runs, reports, and passing of information. Not only is the In Gear a publication for our membership, it is also a marketing tool for the public. It is used to pass out to the public who might be interested in joining us. Agencies such as the Forest Service and BLM receive copies so they can read what our interests and concerns are.


Our website offers many opportunities for anyone in the entire world to read about us, sign up for events, or purchase from our store. This is also an avenue for sharing information with everyone everywhere.

Social media

Social media is an animal of a different color. It is an extremely useful tool but used incorrectly can be extremely damaging. Social media is becoming more and more a norm for communication that is acceptable for individuals but has the potential of being more problematic for organizations and businesses. As such, the association has been working to develop social media guidelines when it relates to association communication and business. Keep your eyes peeled.

District and board meetings

Our district and board meetings are face to face (or whatever the current COVID guidelines are). District and board meetings are our business meetings. These are also where we hear about more local issues as well as statewide issues. These are our “family” meetings where we can voice our opinions and concerns so the “family” can talk them through and work them out.

As we continue to struggle through this COVID time, let’s reach out and help each other. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay strong.

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