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Marble Canyon Trail - fun and interesting

There's a trail that I've been wanting to try for a while. Most people I chat with have never heard of it, but I've seen a couple videos pop-up online. It's called the Marble Canyon Trail or Bar Trail.

I invited a couple of friends to head out and find this rock crawling wash in Hesperia: John Dahl in his LJ and John McGoldrich in his JK. Without any coordinates to lead us, we were able to find it. Dirt trail turns into a bit of a sandy wash then a few small rocks appear before you come to the fun parts. The wash becomes filled with boulders of all sizes. Four-low... locked... time to play.

  • marble-canyon-2
  • marble-canyon-1
  • marble-canyon-3
  • marble-canyon-4
  • marble-canyon-2
  • marble-canyon-1
  • marble-canyon-3
  • marble-canyon-4

The trail is fun but very short; only about three miles long. It has a slight hint of Motino Wash in East Big Bear but not as difficult. These boulders tend to roll around as you go along, which makes for an interesting time. We cruised through without issues and were done early enough to grab lunch in town. It was a short day but always a good day when I can get out and wheel with friends.

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