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Note: This information is from previous events and is provided for informational purposes only.

Friday night “Fun Card Stop” Run

At 7 p.m. on Friday, stop by the run description boards to pick up the map and the paper you will use to make your “game” hand. Visit each of the “Card” Stops and do whatever each hosting club requires of you to get your card! Each Stop will mark your paper with the card you chose. At the bottom of your paper you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite “Card” Stop. This game is open to all vehicles. A prize will be awarded to the winner with the best “card” hand, and a trophy will be given to the club with the “Card” Stop that gets the most votes. Oh yeah, one more thing. The Ocotillo Anytimers will be on motorcycles as a Bonus Stop. If you want one more chance at a good hand, find them - if you can…..

  • Woman in charge – Shelly Dunn - Geared 4 Fun 4 Wheel Drive Club
  • [EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may hold the card run in main camp. Instead of driving around the desert, you might have to hoof it around main camp! Details to be posted when you check in at registration. Maybe we will call it the “Get Some Exercise” Run!!!]
Friday night “real” 50/50 “Card” Run

While the Fun “Card” Run is going on, we will also offer a $5 donation per hand “card” run.  Come to registration to buy your “Card” Hand(s). Follow the same map that you received for the Fun “Card” Run. For a $5 donation (per hand) you have a chance to win half of the proceeds from the sales/donations of “game” hands! The PVA will receive the other half of the proceeds. This game is open to all vehicles.

Scott Clark competes in the ugly contest
"Ugliest Broad in the Desert”

The Powder Puff Run is back by popular demand. To drive on this run you have to be female or dress like one! Before the raffle starts on Saturday night, each “lady” will have a chance to strut “her” stuff for the judges. (It’s getting harder and harder to find folks willing to judge this contest. We don’t offer any compensation for the therapy they wind up needing afterwards!) Last year we had some actual women drivers, and they had a great time. We have a first-time “lady” leader this year—Mark Geletzke. I guess Scott can hang up his curlers this year!

Saturday Fun Run

We are bringing back the Fun Run this year. On Saturday afternoon, a Trail Boss will lead the group through a scenic loop. At various points on the trail, you will stop to take a challenge. Each person will do the challenge, the volunteer will log each score, and the group will move on to the next stop. The person with the best score will receive a prize. All vehicles are welcome to take part in this Sunday-drive run.

  • Woody Glass and Lorrac Craig are running this show.
RC rock crawlers at ODF
RC Truck Challenge

After you get back from your run/ride on Saturday, stop by main camp with your RC monster. We will have a mini rock crawl set up for those of you with radio controlled vehicles up to the challenge.

  • Big kid with the kool toys - Scott Bradley - Geared 4 Fun 4WDC
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