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Letters needed in opposition to SB-249

From John Stewart, Cal4Wheel Natural Resources Consultant

The OHMVR Division has administered the OHV program for the last 35 years using its team of highly-skilled environmental scientists, law enforcement officers, recreation planners, trail specialists, and grant administrators to partner with federal land agencies, county sheriffs, conservation groups, and OHV organizations in providing California residents and tourists from throughout the world with access to world-class motorized and non-motorized outdoor recreation opportunities on public lands. The OHMVR Program is completely self-funded and does not rely on any General Fund support.

Cal4Wheel views the proposed legislation (SB 249) as a very punitive bill that ignores the exceptional value this program has delivered to California in ensuring that quality OHV recreation opportunities exist in this state and are managed and controlled in a manner that emphasizes environmental sustainability and protection, as well as public safety and local government engagement. The current bill language can best be described as punitive and destructive to what has become a nationally acclaimed success story for delivering quality recreational opportunities while maintaining the strictest environmental standards.

Proposed legislation SB-249 drifts from the original intent of the program and would lead to its ultimate demise. The proposed legislation contains many fallacies and misguided priorities.

We would like to ask everyone who lives within the districts of the Members of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee (listed below) to send letters asking to OPPOSE SB-249.

An option exists for people to send an email with the noted text (about 1650 characters), or leave the email on the members' Facebook wall.

Locate your legislators

  • Go to this link to look up your assembly member and state senator.
  • Enter your address, city, and zip code
  • Click "Locate"
  • On each legislators' website will be a "Contact" link with the ability to send an email to your representative.

Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee Members

  • Honorable Robert M. Hertzberg, Chair

    Room 4038
  • Honorable Jeff Stone, Vice Chair

    Room 4062
  • Honorable Ben Allen

    Room 5072
  • Honorable Toni G. Atkins

    Room 4072
  • Honorable Ben Hueso

    Room 4035
  • Honorable Hannah-Beth Jackson

    Room 2032
  • Honorable Bill Monning

    Room 313
  • Honorable Henry Stern

    Room 3070
  • Honorable Andy Vidak

    Room 3082

Addressing your letter

The members are addressed as:
Honorable (first name) (last name)
Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee
California State Capital, Room ____
Sacramento, CA 95814

The heading across from the address will say: SB 249 (Allen) Oppose

Letter Contents & Instructions

  • Please copy and paste the below information and send an email to your elected representative.
  • Most legislators maintain a social media (Facebook) presence.
  • Also, please copy and paste the below information and post it to the Facebook Wall of your elected representative.

Dear Honorable (Assembly Member or Senator):

I am a constituent of yours and would like to introduce you to the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program (OHMVR) Program. It is very important to more than 6 million residents with an estimated $20 billion added to the state economy.

The current OHMVR Program has been in existence since 1971 (Chappi-Z’Berg Act), has been a great success, and hailed as a national model providing for a statewide system of managed OHV recreational opportunities. The Program assures that quality recreational opportunities remain available for future generations by providing education, conservation, and law enforcement efforts that balance OHV recreation impact with programs that conserve and protect cultural and natural resources.

The Program is funded by user license/registration fees and gas tax revenue based on fuel used off-highway for recreation purposes. NO GENERAL FUNDS are appropriated for the OHMVR Program.

I am concerned with the language of SB-249.

The bill would require these fuel taxes to be transferred to the State Parks and Recreation Fund and allocated for the purposes of the department, including support for state parks and the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program, diluting the quality program that currently exists.

I hope you will be a strong voice for the OHMVR Program and OPPOSE SB-249.

I would be happy to meet with you or a staff member to discuss the OHMVR Program and its future and importance. You may also reach out to our legislative advocate, Terry McHale with Arron Reed and Associates.

I look forward to your response.

(City), (State) (Zip Code)

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