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Video by Chris Collard / Adventure Architects

*GPS coordinates may lead you to unimproved forest roads that may be impassable, please use written directions.


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Sierra Trek: Trails, Food and Fun

Sierra Trek is a Cal4Wheel event located in California’s beautiful Tahoe National Forest. This is a family-oriented event geared towards everything from stock 4x4s on guided historic and slightly challenging tours to fully built rock crawlers on Fordyce Creek Trail and everything in between. Stock vehicles should consider signing up for the Wednesday/Thursday Overnight, the Saturday Historic Run, the Outer Limits Run or the Signal Peak run. Moderately modified vehicles will love the beauty and the challenge of the intermediate run or the Signal Peak Run.

Fordyce Trail is an extremely technical and challenging trail, therefore is offered to the more modified vehicles requiring at least 35” tires and a minimum of one locker. Larger tires, two lockers and crawler gearing are all recommended to improve the overall participant experience on the Fordyce Trail runs. The surrounding area trails allow Sierra Trek to offer runs for less modified 4x4 vehicles.

As always, we love to embrace a family atmosphere and welcome the next generation of four-wheelers into the sport. We welcome everyone to main camp for a Cornhole Tournament, and a world class vendor show. Please feel free to explore the area and locate any one of the numerous geocaches. Come to camp at night for the campfire with a live band. Enjoy your favorite adult beverage from the bar while you make new friends and catch up with old ones. As always enjoy great food, a scenic environment and make lifelong memories. We look forward to seeing you at Sierra Trek.

Sierra Trek 2017

Trekking in the Sierras

Learn more about Sierra Trek in this great article by Chris Collard.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to be able to answer some of the most common questions regarding Sierra Trek. We would like to start by thanking you for your interest in our event and sincerely hope we get to see you at Meadow Lake.

Is the price of admission per person, per vehicle, per run or per day?
The price is per person and covers the entire event, from Thursday through Sunday. Meals will be provided as follows: Thursday Dinner, Friday and Saturday Breakfast and Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.
Is there an exception for the minimum tire size requirement on Fordyce runs?

No, the minimum tire size of 35” tires will be strictly enforced.

Will parts or recovery help be available on the trails?

No, while all volunteers will work hard to ensure your vehicle makes it off the trail, it is your responsibility to make sure you carry the spare parts you may need. Fordyce is a technical and demanding trail that may cause body damage and break parts. Only you know your vehicle’s capabilities and your experience level. Sierra Trek volunteers will guide/spot you and help stack rocks, but due to the many different makes and models of vehicle, cannot carry every part your rig may need. We encourage all persons wanting to run Fordyce to be prepared for common issues, and have a plan/parts to be able to continue on the trail. Every attempt to assist you getting a broken rig off the trail will be made.

My run is scheduled to stage/start prior to breakfast in camp, will food be provided?

Runs that depart or stage prior to breakfast being served in camp will have coffee and pastries at the staging areas.

Lunch is not provided on the trail. Dinner will be available when your run finishes the trail even if it late due to unforeseen circumstances.

How long does it take to get from Main Camp to the Fordyce staging area?

It is generally a 1.5 hour trip from camp to staging, but we recommend you give yourself 2 hours to make the trip.

Is the price of camping included with my registration fee?

Camping on the lake in the PG&E campground is not included. The improved campsites are managed by an outside organization. There are however numerous spots to camp that are free, but campfires are not allowed in unimproved campsites.

What is the cancellation policy?

All refunds are subject to a 10% fee, no refunds after the online registration deadline. No registrations will be rolled over to the next year.

What are the run times?

All run times/staging areas are posted online and available by following the link in your registration confirmation email.

Can I get a motorhome/camp trailer in there?
Portions of the road into Meadow Lake are maintained Forest Service Roads, while portions are not. Historically numerous people bring in large motorhomes, semi-trucks, trailers and small passenger cars. Sierra Trek recommends caution when traveling into main camp regardless of vehicle type and would advise each person to use their own good judgment while traveling into main camp. Sierra Trek is not responsible for road maintenance or damage to vehicles.
Can I get special pricing?

The posted prices cannot be adjusted to meet each separate person’s specific circumstances. Sierra Trek is a fund raiser designed to raise funds to help keep public lands open to OHV access and help provide positive education for fellow off-roaders. Sierra Trek is staffed completely by volunteers who donate countless hours to help facilitate a world-class event and while we would love to be able to accommodate everyone’s specific needs it is impossible for our event to facilitate that.

Noxious Weeds

US Forest Service logoThe USDA Forest Service has requested that all vehicles that would run on the Fordyce Jeep Trail be washed immediately prior to the event. This is a preventative measure to help prevent the introduction and spread of noxious weeds such as yellow star thistle. Vehicles can spread weeds from one site to another by carrying plant parts and seeds.

When a vehicle is driven through a weed-infested area, weed seeds may become lodged between the tire treads, in the coils of a winch, behind the license plate, or in cracks and crevices on the underside of the vehicle. Seeds may travel hundreds of miles before becoming dislodged in an area where the weeds were not previously found. The source of many weed infestations has been traced to roads, trails, railroads, and other travel ways.

To prevent the spread of weeds from vehicles participating in the Sierra Trek event, thoroughly wash the undercarriage and tire-tread of the vehicle to remove seeds and bits of vegetation. This material may have been picked up during the last run or from where the vehicle was last parked. Noxious weeds such as yellow star thistle are common in urban areas and along the highways leading to the Sierra Trek event.