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Sierra Trek Driving Directions


Tom Allgaier

Jeff Blewett

Amy Sagraves

Steve Egbert

Here's how to get to base camp

  1. Exit I-80 in Truckee on Hwy 89 North (Toward Sierraville).
  2. Proceed North on Hwy 89 for 14.6 miles.
  3. Turn left on USFS Road 7 (toward Webber Lake and Jackson Meadows Reservoir). Note OHV staging area on right after turning off 89, this is the staging area for the Thursday SUV runs.
  4. Proceed west on USFS Road 7 for 9.5 miles.
  5. Turn left on USFS Road 86 (toward Meadow Lake). Pavement ends, it's 10.9 miles to camp.
    • 0.6 miles, road forks, KEEP RIGHT.
    • 6.0 miles further, stay on the main road to the right of the White Rock Lake turnoff (do not take turnoff)
    • 2.0 miles further, KEEP RIGHT.
    • 0.6 miles further, KEEP LEFT & note OHV campground on right 0.1 mile further; this is usually empty and is a good camp area if you want to stay away from the crowd.
    • 1.6 miles further to Sierra Trek Base Camp.

Check in/registration is near the big square concrete pad and stage. Coordinates 39.41081, -120.50266.


Staging will be in Truckee across the street from the Taco Bell at 12277 Deerfield Drive at 7:15 AM for continental breakfast and lunch prep. Driver meeting at 8:15 AM.

This location is easy to find. From I-80 either direction the exit is Donner Pass Road (exit 184). On the south side of the freeway is a Chevron station (there is a Shell on the north side if that is better gas for you). The Taco Bell is next door to Chevron and the staging is across the street. Please be full of fuel.

Coming from Meadow Lake you will be on Hwy. 89, enter I-80 Westbound, exit Donner Pass road. Left over the freeway. If you wish to not use freeway follow Downtown Truckee signs at the roundabout and it will put you on Donner Pass Road through town all the way to staging (3.5 miles).

Coordinates 39.32318, -120.22626.


Thursday Fordyce: Stages 5:30AM/Departs 6:30AM
Friday Fordyce: Stages 5:30AM/Departs 6AM
Coffee and pastries served at staging
Coordinates 39.33925, -120.59239.

  1. Exit I-80 on Eagle Lakes Rd: 24 miles west of Truckee (also about 1 mile west of Cisco Grove)
  2. Proceed north on Eagle Lakes Rd. Pavement ends 1.7 miles north of I-80.
  3. 0.4 miles after pavement ends, turn right following signs toward Pierce Creek Wetlands Trail.
  4. 0.2 miles further, turn left following signs toward South Yuba River
  5. Continue for another 0.6 miles to staging area (just across stream).
    • Do not camp on the gravel bar after crossing the stream, this is where we stage the runs. You can drive across the gravel bar and there is an OHV campground just passed the gravel area. You must come back to the gravel bar for staging.

Note: The road has been rerouted to the staging area (please follow our signs). This is to go around private property and a new home site. PLEASE respect the landowner’s privacy, keeping the noise down, and do not trespass. A poor relationship with this landowner could jeopardize our use of this area.

Friday River Run

Stages 6AM/Departs 7AM. In camp tech inspection will be done during staging for the run.

The Friday River Run stages in main camp near the showers. Coordinates are 39.40865, -120.50462.

Friday Signal Peak Run

Coffee/staging 7AM-8:45AM/Departs 9AM

Stages at the Indian Springs OHV area.
Coordinates 39.33149, -120.57268.
Exit I-80 at Eagle Lakes Road (Exit Number 164)
Proceed north on Eagle Lakes Road approximately 0.8 mile.
Turn right onto Carlyle Road and proceed approximately 0.2 mile.
Your trail crew will be there to greet you.

Saturday River Run

Stages 7 AM / Departs 8 AM

The Saturday River Run stages in main camp near the showers. Coordinates are 39.40865, -120.50462.

Saturday SUV\Historical Trip

Departs 8:30AM

Staging Area will be at the yellow school bus in Meadow Lake camping area. Approximate coordinates 39.41028, -120.5029.

Saturday Outer Limits Run Staging Area

Stages 7AM-8:45AM/Departs 9AM

The group will stage at the large parking lot at Highway 89 and USFS Road 7 (Webber Lake and Jackson Meadows turnout off Hwy 89). Coordinates 39.50441, -120.2831.