Sweepstakes Vehicle Photos


David Roseberry poses with his prize.
David Roseberry (with his wife), winners of the 2013 Sweepstakes

Wilma Vick-McDaniel with her new Jeep Wilma Vick-McDaniel, 2013 Jeep Winner
Will Lindsay with his new XVenture trailer Will Lindsay, winner of the 2013 Win-A-Trailer
Lance Coffman and his son pose with their new Jeep
Lance Coffman (with his son), winners of the 2012 Sweepstakes
2011 winner Les Ulrich
Les Ulrich, winner of the 2011 Sweepstakes
2010 winner Keegan Armstrong
Keegan Armstrong, winner of the 2010 Sweepstakes
John Bachelder poses with his new Jeep
John Bachelder, winner of the 2009 Sweepstakes


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