The Fine Print

We cannot charge in advance for the tickets due to online gambling laws. Instead we mail them to you for free and you mail them back with your donation to be entered in the drawing. The drawing will be held on February 20, 2021 in Visalia, California. The winners need not be present to win. Tickets will be available for sale up to 5PM on February 20, 2021. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and transportation. This raffle is conducted by the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. and is registered with the California State Attorney General's office.

Here's what you can win!

First Prize

2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Sport
Fully customized by JEP Autoworks with accessories from our vendors.

Other Prizes

We're still working on more prizes. Check back for details.

Bonus Ticket

Set of tires from BF Goodrich
Your choice of five tires up to 37".

Win-A-Jeep Appearance Schedule


High Sierra Poker Run

September 4-7, 2020
Near Shaver Lake, CA

Offroad Expo

October 3-4, 2020
Pomona, CA

Pismo Jeep Fest

October 9-11, 2020
Oceano SVRA

Operation Desert Fun

October 16-18, 2020
Borrego Springs, CA

Panamint Valley Days

November 13-15, 2020
Near Trona, CA

Molina Ghost Run

November 20-22, 2020
Hollister Hills SVRA

International Sportsmen's Expo

January 21-24, 2021

Winter Fun Festival

January 22-24, 2021
Grass Valley, CA

King of the Hammers

February 2021
Johnson Valley, CA

Cal4Wheel Convention

February 19-21, 2021
Visalia, California

2020 Winners

Jason Thibodeau was the winner of the 2020 Win-A-Jeep

Ticket #582131


Advance Adapters transfer case with JL Driveline - Pat Dalbec #561704
Premier Power Welder - Ayden Colbert #543499
ARB Fridge/Freezer - Joe Godde #569919
Five 37" BFG Tires - Jeff Walsh #161922

Thank you to our corporate and Win-A-Jeep sponsors!

Mike McGarity, Central District Vice President
Cal4Wheel spent some time saying thank you to our corporate sponsors at the 2019 Pomona Offroad Expo and SEMA. We all made our rounds to meet up with as many as possible. While at SEMA we also attended the North American Motorized Recreation Council (NAMRC) meeting, the United 4WD Meeting, the One Voice Meeting, the SEMA Government Affairs Panel and other meetings with representation from Cal4Wheel.

BF Goodrich Tires

Here I am with Tim Cromer with BFG, Tony Pellegrino with GenRight and Phil and Angel Moreno. We’re at the SEMA Cal4Wheel Booth with the Win-A-Jeep. We were located just across from WARN winches. We even had Scott Porter from WARN come over for a photo as well. Next to us with HiJack. Another supporter of the Win-A-Jeep. I walked around SEMA and said thank you to all our Corporate Sponsors as well as our Win-A-Jeep sponsors. The Jeep would not be possible if it wasn’t from all the support from our sponsors. Thank you to each of them. Super appreciation!


WARN winches is always a huge supporter of Cal4Wheel as both Gold Corporate Sponsor and Win-A-Jeep sponsor. They generously donate a winch to each of our state events including convention every year. Thank you Scott Porter for taking the time to check out the Jeep.


GenRight... our master builder. A big thank you to Tony Pellegrino and his team. They put in so many hours on this build. We added more to the list in prior years. As more businesses wanted to donate and help, Tony rolled with it without complaining. The PSC Steering system was over 12 hrs to install just by itself. The Jeep looks amazing and we appreciate you guys very much!

Currie Enterprises

Ray Currie from Currie Enterprises donated the complete front RockJock 44 front axle. They upgraded Ring and Pinion with 4.88 gears from Auburn Gear, keeping the stock rear 44 with upgrade Ring/Pinion from Auburn Gear. They installed Front and Rear 30 spline axles and ECTED MAX-Lockers. This alone is a lot of labor, money, time, etc. Thank you so much Currie!!

RockHard 4x4

Rockhard 4x4 has been donating the interior cage for our win-a-jeep builds for several years now. We met up with Jason and was talking with him about the build when Ian Johnson showed up. He was walking by, so we pulled him into our picture. We appreciate all the support with have with so many sponsors. Every sponsor is just as important as the other. Not only do we get to build an awesome Jeep. We get to meet some great people!


Tim Pellegrino from Spiderwebshade came by to check out the Jeep. They donated a complete full sun shade. It is yellow with our Cal4Wheel logo in the middle. Cannot wait to see it on the Jeep.


We’ve been working with bringing in new corporate sponsors or associate members. Skyjacker, although not a California-based company is considering becoming an associate member. Many companies just need to be asked. In this picture is also John Herrick, editor of CRAWL and Chris Hughes, editor of Trails magazines. Both are interested in helping Cal4Wheel in our marketing efforts.


We had HiLift Jack next to our booth. It was great to have Steve Dowden come over and take a minute for a photo opportunity. Steve has worked with us for many years on our builds. HiLift has always been a great supporter of Cal4Wheel.


Here we are with John Angelastro with sPOD. John and his team installed the sPOD Bantam with HD complete system. This controls the front and rear Auburn lockesr, front VisionX offroad lights, interior Rugged Radio and much more can be added. sPOD is the industry leader and we totally appreciate their support.

Rugged Radios / TDS / JEP Autoworks

Here we are with Bo Neece from TDS on the right and Greg Cottrell owner of Rugged Radio in the middle. Rugged Radio donated a two-person Bluetooth system with radio and BTU Headsets to the build. Josh Epstein, the South District VP, installed the radio at his shop in Hemet. Thank you Josh and the crew at JEP Autoworks for your time and labor! This is going to be an awesome addition for the person who wins this Jeep!


We met up with Tyler Sasaki with Powertank. They donated a 10lb. bottle with JL mounting hardware and accessories. Thank you Tyler all your years of support.

Factor 55

We met up with Justin Andrews with Factor 55. They donated the Hard Anodized Flat Link. They always support us and also super fun to hang out with. As you can tell from the picture with Justin!!
Mike McGarity and Rick Pewe

JP Magazine

I got the opportunity to meet and talk with Rick Pewe. Rick is the Petersen’s 4-Wheeler & Offroad Editor-In-Chief and a member of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame’s class of 2010. He also organizes and leads the Ultimate Adventure. Rick is also in charge of the JP Magazine. We spoke about the Win-A-Jeep. He said anything he could do to help Cal4Wheel, he would. I asked if he could do a story on the Jeep. He said it will be part of the JP Magazine “Best of SEMA 2019”. Thank you Rick for your support and look forward to future Cal4 collaborations.


2019 Brad & Jennifer Russell

2019 Brad & Jennifer Russell

2018 Monte Hall

2018 Monte Hall

2017 Jon Nelson

2017 Jon Nelson

2016 Craig Felix

2016 Craig Felix

2015 Lisa Uhern

2015 Lisa Uhern

2014 David Roseberry

2014 David Roseberry

2013 Wilma Vick-McDaniel

2013 Wilma Vick-McDaniel

2012 Lance Coffman

2012 Lance Coffman

2011 Les Ulrich

2011 Les Ulrich

2010 Keegan Armstrong

2010 Keegan Armstrong

2009 John Bachelder

2009 John Bachelder

2007 Winner

2007 Winner

Win-A-Jeep Sponsors

4Wheel Parts
Advance Adapters
Auburn Gear
Auburn Jeep
BF Goodrich
Currie Enterprises
Factor 55
HardCore Trail Gear
JE Reel
Metal Cloak
Premier Digital Printing
Premier Power Welder
Red Peak
Rock Hard
Rugged Radios
Rugged Ridge
Tierra Del Sol
Tuffy Security Products


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